College Begins

I’ve started a degree completion program online at University of Findlay. I’m taking Business Management classes. I’m really excited about it, and a little daunted about going back to school after so many years have passed. My life seems to be changing at a pretty good pace – fast enough to see the changes, slow enough that I’m not getting overwhelmed.

I put the NASAR goals on hold while I attend school as I reallocated my funds to pay for classes, and I’m also keeping a close eye on my time management. My biggest challenge is to work enough to pay for the next round of classes, and not work so much that I’m not getting my class work done – a balancing act that is constantly shifted by my regular responsibilities which tend to flare and recede. 

The structural integration sessions are finished in a couple of weeks, and then I’ll be back to seeing my massage therapist for a couple of rounds – have been missing the relief that comes from that, especially as my workouts increase in intensity. One of the most difficult things about the changes in my life has been to continue to put my health first and to stop and take breaks. The habit of plowing through beyond all endurance has been broken, but a good balance is still being developed. 

I’ve seen glimpses of Buddy in videos and pictures at High Horses, and it seems he is still thriving there, which warms my heart. 

Pictures from the past:

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Brief Update

My health is continuing to improve – I have found someone who does structural integration, and some of my lingering problems to whole health, such as limping and listing are being addressed. My capacity to endure exercise has transformed into a desire to move – this is HUGE. 

I have joined NASAR – the National Association for Search and Rescue, and as soon as I can get the gear together, I will begin training for that with the goal to be able to do Canine Search and Rescue with Freyja. Freyja is enjoying the change in her training…the latest round of “Mission”, she followed a trail of dirty socks to a hidden person – only she air-scented, rather than ground-scenting which gives me the information I need to implement the rest of her training program.

I am also starting some online classes and will be applying to college to try and finish my degree (and BEYOND!) :)

I’m really happy right now and feeling pretty good – busy with physical exercise and continuing to read a lot, but I’ve also taken some time to catch up on the 10 years of tv that I missed by not having it – not every show, of course, but there are sure some smart, compelling shows that I’ve missed over time that I’m glad I have had the chance to see.

The big question for regular readers is going to be about horses. I can tell you this – the structural integration series I’m doing concludes in a couple of months, and if I’m mostly straightened out, I will start riding somewhere. However, with some large changes I’m making in my life – horses and/or a farm as a pursuit is going to have to wait until the dust settles. 

I appreciate all of the support that comes through, and the amount of people clicking through the articles I’ve written about horses and their special relationship with people, and the joys of riding, so thanks for stopping in…I do check regularly for comments and such, so feel free to comment and share your favorite articles. 

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